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KAM is a voluntary organisation open to anyone who supports its aim of furthering the musical life of Kinvara. You don’t have to be a musician to get involved.

Our Vision: A lively, diverse and inclusive music scene in the Kinvara area

Known far and wide for its tradiional music,our village has in recent years attracted many highly talented musicians playing in a variety of musical genres: traditional Irish, tango, cajun, blues, old-time, bluegrass, folk, rock, classical, jazz, original, and the list is growing with lots of young people learning, playing and performing. KAM projects help to nurture these resources and maintain this vibrant music scene.
Our Mission: To maintain a lively and creative forum to support and help develop musical activities in Kinvara.



Kinvara Area Music was founded in the autumn of 2006, after Winkles, then called The Crane, closed to make way for the new Londis grocery store. Winkles had been a landmark music establishment for years in Kinvara, having been host to sessions, gigs, dances and impromptu music extravaganzas under the proprietorship of the Moylans and even the management of Frankie Gavin for awhile. Though other pubs, notably the Ould Plaid Shawl, Connolly's and Green's continued to have music sessions, the closing of Winkles left a lacuna in the Kinvara music scene keenly felt by local musicians.

Discussing this situation over a commiseration pint, Frank Hall, John Martin and Paul Mulligan decided to form a community music organisation. At first the idea was to get musicians together to see what could be done, but it was rapidly expanded to anyone who was interested in music. The first project undertaken was to put up acoustic baffles in the Community Centre to make the sound better for music, plays, and listening in general. Paul Mulligan, Breiffne O'Rourke and John Martin did much of the work. Soon after, an album project of Kinvara musicians was undertaken by Jim Rooney, Bruno Staehlin, and Paul M. The  KAM Collection, Volume One, was launched at the second Mardi Gras in 2008. The first Mardi Gras launched KAM itself, and has become the 'Birthday celebration for KAM.

In June of 2007, KAM began producing small concerts in Johnston's Hall. At first it wasn't known how they would do, and it has been a long time in development. Many people wondered if people would pay in to see a concert when so much music was available for free in Kinvara. However, the particular ambience of Johnston's Hall soon proved to be conducive to great listening and performing! The absence of a bar was ameliorated by allowing patrons to bring in drink, and the lack of bar noise only made the music easier to appreciate. Since then KAM has produced over 50 concerts in Johnston's, and is still going strong.  In addition, there have been six Mardi Gras Concert/Dance/Festivals, as well as several other concerts in the Community Centre.

Current Projects

It is defintiely time to start work on the KAM Collection, Volume Two. There are plenty of great musicians around who were not featured on the first CD. And that first CD proved to be a great mix of music and a lovely souvenir for visitors, as well as a natural promotional tool for one of Kinvara's greatest resources.

KAM has also begun looking into what can be done to make the Community centre adaptable to small concerts. To that end, KAM has sought County Arts Office support and has purchased curtain material for dividing the space of the Centre to accommodate a smaller stage and audience. The Gig Room—our name for the smaller venue inside the Community Centre main hall—was launched on March 29, 2014.

The redesign and relaunch of the KAM website was completed in 2013. For all these projects and the continuing concert series, it is important to acknowledge the volunteer power that has made it possible. No one is paid in KAM, except for musicians and sound technicians for concerts. All organizing and productions are accomplished by music lovers who want to give something to the community. If you would like to help, you can join KAM or volunteer, or you can do both!

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